Product Creation – Optimizing Your Product Creation

I am going to teach you how to optimize your efforts of product creation and create your digital products in only a fraction of the efforts you are putting in. If you are into high ticket products, then you would have set up a product funnel of low priced and mid priced products.

In order to optimize your efforts, you need to use these products in all possible ways. Except high ticket products which are your flagship products with unique signature, your low end and mid end products can be tuned and converted in to many varieties with almost similar content.

o What to tell the customers: The simple rule is to tell everything about your products to your customers. The more information you share, stronger is the trust that will develop. If you withhold information from your prospects, then they will not trust you completely. Especially at the high end of your products, customers will have access to you personally and will ask a lot of queries. Except the very detailed technical information, you must inform them about all other aspects of the product.

o Choose your niche: Being an expert in one niche is highly essential for the success of your business. Whether you want to write an e-book, or create an audio product or a video training, you need to first be an expert in what you are talking about. Do everything possible to gain knowledge and skill in your domain. Only then you will be able to provide the value your customers are looking for.

o Create an outline: Planning is of utmost importance in product creation. Start with a master plan which includes all your products and they production timelines and marketing campaigns. For every product, create another outline which includes the key messages that you want to convey to your audience. Have up to 10-12 such messages which you can use as chapters in case you are writing an e-book.

o Fill in the flesh: Once you have the skeleton of the product ready, you need to add in the contents to give it some shape. For each of the main 10-12 point that you identified earlier, you need to add in your comments and create the final product.

Now we come to optimizing your efforts. Keeping the same skeleton, you can change the content a little here and a little there and create a new product altogether. For instance if you are writing an e-book on yoga practices and have divided your e-book in chapters for heart health, muscle strength, immune system and so on, you can create one e-book with one set of yogic postures and another e-book with another set of yogic postures. For every bodily problem there is more than one yogic posture that contributes to health.

So the important point is that you must have a good grasp of your subject. Only then you would be able to optimize your product creation process.

Intermediate Ways to Product Creation

Creating a product with a success guarantee is difficult. But one can initially take certain precautions while designing or creating a product, so that the product becomes successful after it is launched. Here are some ways to product creation that will help in making the product successful

The first step to successful product creation is to make an in-depth study of the previous products that are of the same nature of the new one. Find out their pros and cons. If a particular product has been popular among the people find out why and if a similar product has been unsuccessful find out the reasons for its failure. Research has always proved to be the key to popular and perfect product creation.

The next way to targeted product creation is creating the product according to the needs of the probable consumer. The product creation should be such that it greatly fulfills the desires of the probable consumer. Creating a product that suits the demands of the consumers is the best way to attain success. Carry out surveys to know the desires and requirements of your consumers.

Proper time management is also a key factor for successful product creation. If you target to complete your products by a particular time of the year, may be because it is the best time to launch it, make sure that you do that. If you so not complete your product creation within the time schedule, then you will lose the favorable market conditions of that time. Also getting late in schedules means, delay in starting a new venture.

Digital Product Creation System

Digital products are everywhere you look. Even “physical” products like CDs and DVDs are, in essence, digital because the tracks and other information stored on them is in digital format. But increasingly products like books are being turned into digital products with devices like the Kindle.

Digital products have the advantage that they are cheap to deliver, costing only a few cents in bandwidth.

But if you want to create them, you need a system otherwise they will be chaotic and you won’t be likely to get repeat orders.

Here are the basic steps for your digital product creation system:

1. Make an outline

This can be in any format you want. A Word document, a spreadsheet or a mind map.

Play with each one and see which works best for you. Personally, I find spreadsheets easy to work with as each section of the product can be in a column with the subsections in the rows below it.

For more complicated products, I find a series of mind maps is also easy to use and can be more “at a glance” than a spreadsheet.

2. Decide on a format

This may sound as though I’m teaching you to suck eggs but take a step back and think how your information is best presented.

A PDF book can be good if your subject matter is fairly complicated. But in common with its physical counterpart, it tends to be the lowest retail price.

Audios are next in price value and can be convenient for your customers as they’re not locked into using their computer to listen to your product.

Videos are typically highest price and with screen capture programs such as Screencast-o-matic they’re inexpensive to produce. Or you could use your webcam or the video on your phone.

3. Create your product

Using your outline and preferred format, start creating your product.

Especially if it’s a written product, treat the writing and the editing processes as entirely separate. They use different parts of your mind and if you succomb to the temptation of editing as you go along, you’ll reduce the creativity of your product and it will run the risk of sounding more like a text book than something people want to read.

Save the sections of your product with different file names. Ideally ones that will make sense in a few months time when you go back to create an updated version!

4. Create a sales page

The complexity of your product and where you’re selling it will jointly determine how long and how “flashy” your sales letter needs to be.

There are free sites out there which will help you to create a passable sales letter without too much blood sweat and tears. There are also software programs available which will take this to a higher level. Or, if your product is likely to sell in quantity, you may prefer to use a copywriter.

Once your sales letter is written, you’ll need to upload it to your web host along with any associated images.

5. Upload your product

Use the control panel in your web host or WordPress or an FTP program to upload the files to your website host.

Depending on how paranoid you are about people stealing your product, you may or may not decide to include some form of protection for this. Remember that Hollywood have a much bigger budget than you and they can’t stop piracy so don’t put in so much protection that you annoy your purchasers.

6. Promote your newly created digital product

Promotion of your product is essential!

You can drive traffic to it in lots of different ways including articles like this one, forum posts and signatures, a Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, pay per click advertising, affiliates and much more.