Product Creation – Optimizing Your Product Creation

I am going to teach you how to optimize your efforts of product creation and create your digital products in only a fraction of the efforts you are putting in. If you are into high ticket products, then you would have set up a product funnel of low priced and mid priced products.

In order to optimize your efforts, you need to use these products in all possible ways. Except high ticket products which are your flagship products with unique signature, your low end and mid end products can be tuned and converted in to many varieties with almost similar content.

o What to tell the customers: The simple rule is to tell everything about your products to your customers. The more information you share, stronger is the trust that will develop. If you withhold information from your prospects, then they will not trust you completely. Especially at the high end of your products, customers will have access to you personally and will ask a lot of queries. Except the very detailed technical information, you must inform them about all other aspects of the product.

o Choose your niche: Being an expert in one niche is highly essential for the success of your business. Whether you want to write an e-book, or create an audio product or a video training, you need to first be an expert in what you are talking about. Do everything possible to gain knowledge and skill in your domain. Only then you will be able to provide the value your customers are looking for.

o Create an outline: Planning is of utmost importance in product creation. Start with a master plan which includes all your products and they production timelines and marketing campaigns. For every product, create another outline which includes the key messages that you want to convey to your audience. Have up to 10-12 such messages which you can use as chapters in case you are writing an e-book.

o Fill in the flesh: Once you have the skeleton of the product ready, you need to add in the contents to give it some shape. For each of the main 10-12 point that you identified earlier, you need to add in your comments and create the final product.

Now we come to optimizing your efforts. Keeping the same skeleton, you can change the content a little here and a little there and create a new product altogether. For instance if you are writing an e-book on yoga practices and have divided your e-book in chapters for heart health, muscle strength, immune system and so on, you can create one e-book with one set of yogic postures and another e-book with another set of yogic postures. For every bodily problem there is more than one yogic posture that contributes to health.

So the important point is that you must have a good grasp of your subject. Only then you would be able to optimize your product creation process.

Boost Your Affiliate Revenue Fast With Article Marketing

You can boost your affiliate revenue fast with article marketing, but you must know how. Are you struggling to make at least one sale as an affiliate marketer? Do not worry because there are many others who are just like you.

Instead of saying to yourself that affiliate marketing is not for you, you should learn how article marketing can boost your affiliate revenue fast.

Before you begin, you need to figure out how motivated and dedicated are you to making money online. When you write a lot of articles, things will become a little too repetitive and you might lose interest on what you are doing.

You should look at it like this: If you write one article per day, you will have 365 articles in a year. That is a lot when you look back later on. The more you write, the more chances of getting more sales commissions. However, this is not just all about quantity because you need both quality and quantity to succeed.

Best thing to do is to get rid of all distraction around you. That includes the television, radio, phone just to name a few. You want to sit here and write bunch of articles because the more you write then the better it is. You do not want to just settle for one per day because if you are serious about making money online, you need to do a lot more than that.

How to Leverage Online Forums For Blog Traffic

There’s a very good chance if you are a regular Internet user that you spend a fair amount of time at online forums. For the people reading this article who don’t know what a forum is, here’s a brief introduction.

Online forums or “community forums”, are dynamic websites that allow users to start discussions by posting new topics, which other members of the forum can reply to. Forums are available for any topic with a following from hobbies, to business, to gossip, entertainment – virtually anything!

While forums come in different sizes, from the brand new that resemble ghost towns because no one uses them (yet), to large uber-communities, with tens of thousands of new posts made every day.

I won’t go into more detail because forums, while being simple in concept, are complex in features, you really need to go check some out if you have never seen one. Forums bring together like minded people with a common interest. If you are a forum virgin I think you will quickly become addicted once you join one full of people who share your interests and passions.


Let me start with how not to use forums to promote your blog. DON’T join a forum and make your first post something like this

Hey check out my blog, it’s great -
Blatant self promotion doesn’t go down well in forums, especially if you are a new member. Forum communities have rules for conduct and won’t tolerate bad behaviour. Often rules are available as “sticky” posts, which are at the top of each forum page, so read them if you are unsure of what is expected from members. Even if there are no specific rules, it’s never a good idea to start off your membership in a community by trying to sell or promote something. Would you start a new friendship by trying to get a person to buy from you? No you wouldn’t, so don’t try it in a forum either.

Credibility, as I’ve mentioned before, is important, and when using forums as a traffic tool for your blog, your credibility is important again. Forum communities often have what I like to call “elders”. These are members who have made thousands of posts and have a lot of respect in the forum. They may be moderators who have been members of the forum for many years. Elders have a lot of credibility since they have devoted so much time to the forums.


You don’t have to become an “elder” in a forum, although if you find a forum which has the perfect audience for your blog, becoming an “elder” it may be one of the best traffic strategies for you to aim for long term.

The important concept to grasp is — to actually get someone to click through from an entry you make in a forum to your blog you need to have credibility and add value. The more often you add value, the more credibility you gain.

Adding value to a forum is just like adding value to your blog. If you help people to solve problems, gain insights or make money, you add value to their life. How you eventually gain traffic is simple – you leave links to your blog in posts you make in forums.

Here’s how I do it

Step 1: Forum signature and photograph

Your forum signature is the most important tool for gaining traffic from forums. In your signature you leave a link to your blog and for most forums your signature can be automatically added to the end of every post you make. Once you set it up you’re done – every post you make to a forum is a little advertisement for your blog.

Make sure, if the forum rules permit it, that you set this up first. Some forums only allow you to have a signature after you have made a certain number of posts or restrict what content and style you can use in your signature. Be aware of signature policies before creating your signature.

You should also include an avatar/photograph in your profile which is displayed in every post you make. If you are into personal branding like I am, and you should be if you want more blog traffic, it’s important you start exposing your image and name in as many places as you can. Posts made to forums help increase exposure and public awareness of “you”.

Step 2: Add Value

Once you have the basic profile data set up you need to start adding value to the forum. This means you can’t be a lurker – just reading the forum isn’t going to get you traffic. You need to start making posts, demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and personality by helping people, interacting and making friends.

Step 3: Indirect Self Promotion

Once you have built up a little credibility you can start to subtly self promote your blog outside of your signature. It’s still not acceptable to spread links to your blog everywhere, but what I like to do is offer links to my blog pillar articles when one of them is relevant to a question or discussion in a forum. This is a great way to add value to a forum and send traffic to your blog – just remember you have to get the context spot on or you will appear to be self promoting.


If you just focus on making 10 value adding posts to forums every day by the end of the year you will have over 3500 links pointing to your blog, sending a nice consistent trickle of traffic to your blog. The more credibility and respect you have in a forum the greater the potential for that trickle to become a stream or even a torrent of traffic.